September 3rd, 2007


just stuff

I had no idea my complaint about milkshakes would prompt so much discourse. :)

annathepiper is in Japan at WorldCon. I told her to have fun for me, and she has. :) :) :)

I wandered down to the Ceili Mor yesterday afternoon. It would've been more fun with someone else, but there were a lot of high spirits and good-natured people around, so that was nice to wander through for a little while. Then I came home and read/finished reading Carol Berg's FLESH & SPIRIT, which I enjoyed a lot. It was one of those books where around a hundred pages from the end I started to wonder how she was going to wrap it all up in one book and then about forty pages from the end went, "OH CRAP SHE'S NOT!", and lo, I was right, and it ended on a terrific cliffhanger and the next book is out in January and I Want It.

Carol is an absolutely gorgeous writer, by the way, if you haven't read anything of hers (or even if you have!). She does incredible, intricate worldbuilding that moves along like a deep, powerful river: it looks, on the surface, as though it's carrying along at a reasonable rate, with occasional dips and swirls into eddies, but beneath that is an absolutely tremendous current pulling you along toward inexorable rapids, and you barely know it's happened until you're already over your head. And then, just in case that's not enough, she does exactly the same thing with the character development, resulting in works of stunning scope that are also enormously internal journeys of discovery for not just the characters, but the reader. I'd recommend starting with her TRANSFORMATION trilogy (which is actually called "The Books of the Rai-kirah", but who's counting?) or maybe FLESH & SPIRIT, which I think may be her best book yet.

(While poking around I discovered Carol and several other noteables have a SF/F blog over at Deep Genre. So do pbray and about forty others at SF Novelists. They're both very cool blogs for some inside (and not so much, sometimes) look at the industry and being a writer. I have blog envy. :))

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a futher!

Goodness, our schedule's been thrown into a futher!

I was *sure* genitiggie and husband were arriving the 5th, to stay through the 12th. Ted and I dashed around cleaning the house today in preparation for the blessed event. We got rid of two of the beds and moved a bookcase out of the spare bedroom (and moved a wardrobe in), and now that room is quite large-looking and echoy. It'll pretty much remain that way, too, because due to popular demand the futon and sofabed we ordered in, what, mid or late July, will not be delivered until sometime after the 27th of September. So despite our best intentions genitiggie will be sleeping on the air mattress. But in a nice room!

The kitchen got thoroughly cleaned, the upstairs office got cleaned, the wardrobe referenced above was removed from my office (making *it* quite large and echoy, too, as it awaits the sofabed that will complete its decor), the living room has nearly been reclaimed and a bookcase completely filled with TBR books placed in it (making it seem much more like *our* living room). The concrete pad behind the house before our back garden turns into jungle has been cleared off, the potato bugs sent scurrying and the worms tossed toward the dirt, and all the boxes put into recycle bags to be put out on Thursday. It all looks quite nice. The bathroom still requires cleaning, and there's a ton of laundry left to do, but I thought we'd tackle those tomorrow, leaving the house spit-polished for our guests' arrival.

Except they won't be here until the 12th. :)

I had just about decided that the clever thing to do would be just go right ahead and completely take the days they were visiting off from work, and really enjoy having company and hope that would recharge my brain a little. That's clearly not going to be an option this week after all, because I really can't take this week off to recharge and have next week off for socializing. Not with 70K to go. So that's really the only futher, and it's not much of one at all.

On the positive side, it means I can go hit one or two of the free introductory yoga classes that are happening over the next week, and that I won't have to abandon them for the dance class that starts next Tuesday. _And_ Ted happens to have the 12th and 13th off, so we can collect them at the airport and on Thursday go up to Cashel and tromp around the Rock, which should be a fun day. :)