August 31st, 2007


Baltimore Fiddle Fair

Last night Ted and I went to a performance of the Baltimore Fiddle Fair (not the Baltimore in America). The best I can say about the first half of the performance is that I don't often get to use the word "soporific" in casual conversation. It reminded me of a review my father got when he was quite young: "Murphy played the part quietly. So quietly, in fact, one occasionally glanced at him and wondered what he was doing on stage."

Ted, who is much kinder than I am, said the poor man was very, very nervous. I believe that this is probably true, but I have never in my whole life seen a performance with so little energy. The songs ranged from maudlin to suicidal with two forays into something up-tempo but still quite miserable in content. The fellow could sing better than Mark Knopfler, but not much. He had no stage presence at all, and the music did nothing to enliven the utter lack of personality on stage. Furthermore, he had a band with him, and they were as boring as he was. The female vocalist had a sort of warm burr to her voice that might've been nice to listen to with almost any other kind of music. The violinist (actually, the violinist reminded me of Questionable Content's Hannelore physically, only without the quirky personality) made me think, several times, "What's the difference between a violin and a fiddle?" There was a guitarist, but I couldn't see him through the head of the man in front of me. They could all /play/, but my God. I pretty much had a nice little shut-eye for the forty or so minutes of his set, and hoped to God the next half would be better.

Fortunately, it was. :) Collapse )

I couldn't tell you any of the names of the pieces they did, although they did a cool reel from the Brittany area, and indeed, it did not sound like an Irish reel at all, which was interesting to my ears. The guitar player sang a few songs, none of which I knew, but he had a very nice Irish tenor sort of voice. Overall, it was well worth going to, though Jesus God, if I ever see something with that guy as an opening act again I'll come late. @.@

On a related topic, there's an empty space right across the street from the opera house that desperately needs a dessert and coffee house in it. There's nowhere in Cork you can go for a late night bite after a show, which just seems so very, very strange to me, and that place would be so perfect. Sadly, we have not yet won the Euromillions, and so there is no dessert and coffee house in our future. :)

et voila!

Okay. Revisions are out the door (or out the email box, more accurately). Not too bad at all. I cut ten pages, and strengthened some scenes, and answered most, maybe even all, of my editor's questions. *waves a little flag*

Next up: finish the front material for this book and send it in by the end of the day. But before that, I'm going to get out of the house for a while, and *after* that I think I'm going to read a book. I have about a zillion to choose from.

*scoots off*