August 26th, 2007


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Aside from being like pulling teeth, yesterday turned out to not be a bad writing day, wordcount wise, with some 2500 words. Today felt much less strained, but I only got about 400 words more. Go figure. Tomorrow...well, I need to eat Ted's brain to work out some of the details for the next big bit of the story. I know what needs to happen, just not quite how. And that should take up two or three chapters and hm, hey, there might be sex! Yay sex! :)

'course, after that, everything goes to hell. :)

Ted and I went shopping this morning and forgot several things that would've been good to get, like rice and eye juice and ... other stuff ... but it was a glorioski day, and I was very happy to get out. Then this afternoon I went out for coffee (well, hot chocolate) with irishkate, and while drinking our chocolate we heard a great ship horn blast, so we went down to the dock and watched a cruise ship attempt to execute a 3-point turn in the River Lee* on its way down to the harbor. We sat around and talked until a uniformed security person came along and told us we were done here now, and then wandered around Cork and did some shopping and continued to talk. Somehow, 3 hours went by. It's quite amazing how that happens. :) (And those two outings may have something to do with why I only wrote 400 words more today than yesterday, but it was very, very good to get out.)

*The ship wasn't actually doing a 3-point turn. It just had to back up far enough for the tugs to drag it around and down the channel. But irishkate and I spent a fair bit of time discussing how it might accomplish a 3-point turn in the river. :)

ytd wordcount: 151,900 (hey, halfway to goal)
miles to Minas Tirith: 264