August 24th, 2007



After several days of picking at it, I've finally finished chapter bleeding eleven. This has not been the prodigious writing week I hoped it'd be. It hasn't been a total loss, either, which is good. It just hasn't been as zmm zmm as I hoped. 36K is a long way from the 50 I was hoping I'd see.

My mother has offered to make me a dress like the one on the cover of HOUSE OF CARDS if I knock off the 15 pounds I've re-gained by late October (before WFC, so I will have an Awesome Dress for WFC to go with the Fantastic Shoes). I said this to Ted, who said, "Ah, so you'll be giving up eating for a couple months, eh?" :) I believe I shall reward myself halfway with an interim prize of this J Peterman coat, which is devastating. (C'mon, wouldn't those shoes peeking out from under that coat just be to die for? Admit it! Rawr!)

All right, this is nothing like getting Margrit into more trouble, so I expect I should go back to work. If I can get through just one or two more chapters (possibly 1.5 chapters, really) I have this whole cool (SPOILER) to write and I think it'll be a lot of fun to do, so I should get the story up to that point so I can have some fun. :)