August 18th, 2007


Why It’s Hard To Make A Living As A Writer, by C.E. Murphy

Hm. I need to make dinner and I should go for a walk, but there's a reasonable possibility I'll finish two chapters today if I don't screw around too much before making dinner. Chapter eight was mostly edited down and switched around with old material, and a third of chapter nine's old material and I've written another third or so. I could pretty reasonably finish it up, I think. I might just do that. (Rather some time later: there, I have.)

In other news, because Mom was wondering today when I got my next royalty statement, and because I've been meaning to do it for, oh, a long time now, I'm going to talk about the vagueries of payment in the publishing world, or Collapse )

miles to Minas Tirith: 246
ytd wordcount: 138,900