August 14th, 2007


unexpectedly wonderful day

Ted, who is really an incredibly wonderful husband, got up at 6am and drove to Shannon this morning to collect me. I had no expectation of this at all, and am inexpressably happy that he did so. It made a very, very long day much, much better.

...oh, to hell with it. I'm a disgusting smelly sweaty thing, and I can't think, so I'm going to go take a very long shower, finish reading EMPIRE OF IVORY, read the Marvel CIVIL WAR graphic novel I just picked up, make some stew, and if I've got anything left after all that, I'll write something resembling a weekend report.

I'll go back and read blog entries, but if I've missed anything really scintillating, leave me a comment telling me where to look. :)
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I've somehow been plodding through bits of ... work-related things ... (and hundreds of LJ posts) instead of reading either CIVIL WAR or EMPIRE OF IVORY. Guess I'll read those in the morning. But as I've been plodding, I've remembered a bunch of detaily cool things that are pretty much totally not con related that I'm going to ... make a list of. o.o

Cool Things:

- On the way home, at the JFK international terminal, I found two copies of COYOTE DREAMS in the 'music & books' bookshop. I signed them. It confused the woman behind the counter a *lot*. :)

- At the con, a woman who worked at a Borders told me they had a big ol' poster of the HEART OF STONE cover up next to my books! YAY!

- When I got home there was a package with the Australian edition of THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION awaiting me! It's a two-in-one Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense publication (I think Erica Orloff is the other author paired with me), and I only knew they were publishing them down under 'cause somebody emailed me because she'd enjoyed CARDINAL RULE so much. Maybe I can get some extra copies so I have a few to sell!

- Betsy thinks we should go to ComicCon next summer, as Del Rey has a big booth there every year, I guess, and TQB will just be out. Twist my arm. I better get Chance out there, eh?