August 6th, 2007


MeCon report!

Due to a suspicion that I'll just fall asleep if I try to work (though opening up the Dana to the appropriate file made me go, "Oh, yah, that'll be a good place to start from," so that's a positive sign), I thought I might as well do a con writeup on the train, and therefore have it entirely done by the time I got home. World's Fastest Con Report. Go me. :) Short version: it was a very nice *weekend*, if a somewhat erratic *convention*. A distinct lack of organization and some rather inexplicable choices made, convention-wise, though as a general gathering of people I like and a chance to meet new people and gab with geeks, lots of fun.

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ARGH. I'd been going to post con photos along with this posting in a very efficient manner, but I've apparently left the camera in Belfast. ARGH! (Oh, the very excellent nwhyte, who I shall never again mistake for another, has con photos here and here!)