August 1st, 2007


The Saga of the Groceries

So I've been ordering groceries online (which is hard. The online option doesn't necessarily have the same choices as going to the store. I'm going to have to figure out what to do about that.) and had a delivery scheduled for last night. The truck showed up, and to the driver's *huge* irritation, our order was not in it. So he told us who to call and I called and said, "Help! Our groceries are missing! We have no food!" And they said, "Uh, we'll have a manager call you back."

After a while a manager called us back. The poor woman obviously expected me to be *incredibly* irate, and was utterly astounded when I said, hey, you know, these things happen, it's fine, and even more astonished when I said sure, it was fine to deliver the groceries this morning instead of last night. She asked three times, the poor thing, while I assured her that no, really, it was fine, that I'd be here and it was no bother. She said, "Ah, you're so good," and sounded as though she might burst into tears from relief. Poor thing!

In other news, it's August. How the hell did that happen? o.O

Ok, off to make bread, wait for groceries, and just maybe do some work.
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I actually went to the gym today. I think I got a good workout that won't cripple me tomorrow, but we'll see tomorrow, I guess. Inconvenient that I'm leaving Friday and will not realistically get back to the gym until Tuesday, and then will do exactly the same thing next weekend as well, but hey, at least I went. So did Ted! Yay for us!

And I've gotten some work done on HANDS OF FLAME. I think I can salvage some of what I wrote earlier this year (where "salvage" means "throw out two thirds and rewrite what's left"), so I'm gonna try to get through page 100 (which is another 30 or 40 pages away) before heading off to MeCon. And then hopefully through page 200 before Pi-Con, and then I'll come back and write another two hundred fifty pages in a blitz of efficiency and be done by the end of the month.