July 21st, 2007


harry potter and the geeks of cork

It is 2:30 in the morning. Three hours ago, we began standing in line to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which we had no intention of reading tonight, so, as the man behind us said, "We could've done this at five after nine in the morning without any queue at all." This is what the line looked like at 11:30pm:

It kept going way, way way around the block. There were easily a thousand people, and very likely twice that. They cheered when the fire engine drove by, so good-natured and hopeful for action were they. :) At least five people stopped and asked us, or asked nearby, what the queue was for, and every one of them was a hundred percent incredulous that it was for Harry Potter. All those people lined up to buy a book. That ranks among the most awesome things I've ever seen. *beam*

We had a ridiculously good time, really. There was a Death Eater and a wizard behind us, and to my delight the Death Eater turned out to be a cute little girl. Take that, world. :) The wizard and Death Eater belonged to the talkative man behind us, who was rather gleeful at the idea that we could call up our Stateside friends and say, "NEENER NEENER WE GOT THE BOOK ALREADY!"

Laughing, I said that sounded like fun, but not very mature, and he gestured broadly at the hundreds of people standing in line and said, "Like this is mature?"

So, NEENER NEENER WE GOT THE BOOK ALREADY! (Just for the benefit of the talkative man, you understand!)

There were a number of costumes, most of which I wasn't all that impressed with, but I did see--aside from the pair behind us--a recognizeable Whomping Willow and a recognizeable Bellatrix Lestrange. There were numerous generic witches and wizards, and nobody I recognized from any of the Houses. The entire thing, however, made me want to do a costume for the seventh movie. :)

Oddly enough, I don't have a picture of Ted with his new Harry Potter book, and furthermore, I'm not going to suggest to him that I take one to post, because it is safely in its bag downstairs, where it should remain until morning, because did I mention it's 2:30 in the morning? Yeah. I thought I had. So sleep time now.

great groggy tortoise

Our bedroom was extremely freezing last night, and because 1. getting heat in this house requires far more cognizant thought than I had at 3:20 in the morning when I had to get up to use the bathroom (I was aware that I was so cold turning the heat on would be a good idea, but I honestly was not functional enough to do so, as you have to go to the boiler, choose from "you can have hot water or you can have heat, but you can't have both. MAKE YOUR CHOICE!" and then actually turn the thermostat up because just turning the boiler to "make heat" doesn't trigger any such production; that would be SILLY); and because 2. we are currently sleeping on two single beds set side to side and could not glom onto each other for body heat, I didn't manage to get any decent sleep until around 6, when I had to get up to go to the bathroom again and on the way back to bed put on flannel pants (having switched my t-shirt out for a long flannel shirt the first time around, and having been too tired/non-functional to do more than think "putting on pants would be a good idea, but maybe the shirt will be enough", only more like, "pants. *whimper* too far. cold. *whimper*"). Consequently, I didn't get up until nearly 10. Oi. See what Harry Potter hath wrought!

In view of this, I got to the bit in QUEEN'S BASTARD that actually needs a scene *rewrite* instead of just a revision, and gave myself permission to not do it until tomorrow, when I'm more awake. And, having skipped the hard bit, finished all the bits around it and then the revisions on the next chapter, which is more than I thought I'd get to given how groggy I am. So off to a good start, all things told. I need to do at least one more chapter and...gleep. Three more would be better. Well, we'll see how my brain holds up. *yawn*

I need food. And a shower. And not to go try to read over Ted's shoulder....


All right. I've gotten through chapter fourteen, leaving me four to do, and while I suspect I could do another one tonight, it would probably be better for the book if I didn't. There are things I want to address that my editor did *not* make note of, and at this point it'd be much easier to just let those things go, and I don't want to do that. If I stop now with any luck tomorrow morning I'll feel more like tackling them, and the entire end of the book will be much improved for it.

*thinks* So I'll have the scene that needs rewriting to deal with, and another scene which currently doesn't exist that I'm going to have to both figure o...oh. *runs back to other keyboard*

*returns, triumphant* I think I've figured out how to do all of the revisions! I know how to work in the brand new scene, and the one that needs rewriting isn't that *hard*, I just need to be brainful enough to do it. And I have a pageful of notes now, and I've addressed all the bits I can remember off the top of my head, and if I get those fixed, anything I'm not remembering will probably more or less just (could I use any more qualifiers there?) work its way into being fixed while I'm doing the bits I remember. Yay! Wow, very pleased! I love it when suddenly all the bits tumble together like that. Whew. What a relief!

*runs around happily* I really like this book. I don't know that I've ever really liked a book while it was in the revision stages, so either this is a very good sign or a very bad one. :) Either way, I can't wait for people to get to read it. It's *completely* different from the Walker Papers or from the Negotiator Trilogy (which are themselves nothing alike) and I have no idea if anybody besides me and my editor is going to like it (no, wait, I'm pretty sure my agent liked it too), but I'm really very excited about it. *beam*

And now I am going to go *not* read the new Harry Potter book, because I may be cheerful enough to overcome my aversion to reading while writing something else, but I feel like reading it would be bad for my brain right now. I think I'll fry some eggs and watch movies. :)