July 20th, 2007


cats & work

Zilli is sitting bolt upright in my lap, 'helping' me eat breakfast, which is to say, every time I try to take a bite of cereal (the bowl held precariously in my hand above his head) he sits up even straighter and knocks the bowl with his head in an attempt to create a spill from which he will get All The Milk. Wretched, but funny, kitty. :)

Yesterday's writing tally: turned out I'd only gotten through chapter 4 while Emily was here, so I still had to do 5. Got that, and 6, done. Less than I might've hoped, but then, I also hadn't seen Ted for most of the last week, so I spent time with him instead of working, too, so that's all ok. Today will be more productive. I shall ambitiously announce I will get through chapter ten today. *radiates ambition* :)

(Now Zilli has determined there is No Milk Left, and left. Lucy eyed my lap, but has foregone sitting in it for using it as a transition area, and now she's standing in front of the screen and nosing the bowl, determining if there is Any Milk At All.)

All right, this will not buy the child a frock.

happy geek

It really is so very, very easy to make me happy.

I noticed a mailing tube in the pile of stuff in my office this morning, and thought, "Huh, wonder what that is," so I opened it up. Before I'd actually gotten it open, I'd remembered what it was: the X3 Rogue poster that the utterly awesome tambowrites had sent me last year. (If I'd remembered I had that, I wouldn't have bid on the GINORMOUS BUS STOP POSTER of the same image, which may even now be winging its way to me and which I frankly have No Idea what I'm going to do with. I may have to eBay it!) Anyway, I went into town so I'd get out of the house and I stopped and bought some sticky tab thingies and now the poster is above my writing nook, which pretty much makes me the happiest geek in the world. And then since I was in a putting-things-up mood, I put up the X-Men Prequel fabric Rogue banner/poster thingy, too. I've had that thing sitting in my office for the last year and a half without having put it up because we didn't put any art stuff up in the last house, so I'm really really happy to have it up now.

I dismantled a significant chunk of my desk so it would fit under the slanty roof (not today, but several days ago), and in doing so removed rather a lot of space which previously held Rogue and Gambit figurines and other knicknacky things. It was only this morning that I realized how much space had disappeared through that decision (though it was critical in making my nook fit where I wanted it), and I realized that I'm going to need more shelves for the office. I've got *dozens* of figurines and statues and right now my one bookcase is already full (of books, even), so while I'm really quite in the mood to unpack it all and be properly moved in to the office, I'm utterly stymied by having nowhere to *put* most of the doo-dads. So instead I at least tucked them all more or less neatly into the corner, and maybe when we have money again I'll buy some shelves. :)

(I can see all of you saying, "Oh, yeah, Murphy, good going, I see you're getting a lot of work done today," but the truth is, I've already finished two chapters of revisions, so nyah! And now I'm off to do another, since there's not much left I can do in arranging my office until there are more shelves, so nyah TWICE! Hah! Take that!)

miles to Minas Tirith: 228