July 19th, 2007


cover me, i'm goin' in

I have to finish the QUEEN'S BASTARD revisions in the next four days. I got about...5 chapters done, I think, while Emily was here, and that's about a quarter of the book (technically it's more than a quarter, as it's only 18 chapters, but some of those chapters are much longer than others, so there's more weight later on), and that's fairly awesome. It leaves me a mere 3 chapters a day to deal with. The cringing part is that that's a hundred pages a day, which is a lot, but if I'm focused, not insurmountable.

Then Monday I have to draw a map of the continent, a rough draft page for Chance #4 because my words are too clumsy to describe it properly for Ardian, and start on HANDS OF CHANGE, which I will need to write 5K a day on for the next month in order to finish in anything like the time I need to.

No problem. :)

memes & funny stuff

Got an email from chamois_shimi, who has known me since about...I donno. 1992? Maybe before then, even:

(chamois_shimi's friend) L read a book the other day where the protagonist said she had "the emotional intelligence of a turnip."
chamois_shimi giggles.
chamois_shimi says "That sounds ... /almost/ familiar!"
L says "Read it, maybe? Main character's a mechanic."
L says "_Coyote Dreams_ or something like that. The third in a series, present-day."
chamois_shimi ....
chamois_shimi laughs!!!
chamois_shimi "OK yes, I've read that. *wipes eyes* Ahem. Sorry."

*amused* :) (And points to anybody who knows who I stole the emotional maturity of a turnip from.)

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Here we have many photos. They include gratuitous kitty pictures, Elton John concert photos, Mira Furlan, Dublin, and my office. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which are which.

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And because I'm so happy with it I'm putting the office one not in the cut stuff. Not so much happy with the photo specifically as the office: I'm going to like this office a *lot* when I'm done getting it put together, and it's starting to take shape now. I got a bunch of art up today. The cool thing about this particular batch of artwork is that it's all stuff other people have given me. I've got a couple of other pieces that don't seem to have made it to Ireland, so now I'm impatient to get them so I can put them up!