June 20th, 2007


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Cool. We got a letter from our landlord saying we're swell people (or words to that effect), so perhaps soon we'll have somewhere else to live. Even if my Greek Mythology Personality Test says I should stay away from mylescorcoran, who we'd be moving nearer to. :)

My poor family are having Adventures In Housing. They moved to a place in Bray, and it's really quite a cool place, except there turned out to be a zillion problems with it. At first most of the plumbing didn't work (downstairs kitchen sink was so plugged with grease it wouldn't drain, the washing machine wouldn't drain, the upstairs shower leaked all over the place, and I'm forgetting other things. Possibly toilets that wouldn't flush properly.). Some of it's been fixed, but in the process of fixing it they discovered that leaks had ruined pretty much the entire bathroom and kitchen floors in the part of the house my parents are living in, and a hole in the wall in the downstairs bathroom where my sister & co are living has let the weather in and the wall is rotting. And the big shed in the driveway has backed up with grey water/sewerage (as they call it here) today. And the landlord is waiting to see if insurance will cover most of the repairs, so they've had people in but not much getting done, and it's all quite awful.

After Mom told me about the floor, I had a dream that I was in *our* shower and fell through the floor. o.O

Going to work now. I got a little over-enthusiastic with re-setting my margins when I printed out the manuscript and now have half-words cut off the left-hand side of the pages. I'm hoping that won't prove debilitating. *crossed eyes*

2/3rds done...

I think I've gotten through the hard part. There was a two-chapter section that made absolutely no sense anymore because I'd cut the stuff that made it make sense, and ... well, anyway, I think it makes sense now. I'll probably make knappenp read it tomorrow and tell me. :)

I might just turn this thing in Friday.

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