June 18th, 2007



desperance! I got your books today! I didn't realize RIVER was hardback, sheesh. I wouldn't've whinged at the price had I realized it. :) Oh, and I respond very nicely to "Kit"; try it sometime and see. :)

*hops around like a dorky hoppy thing* I'm all happy now! TWO new books to read! And DISPOSSESSION looks very cool, too. Yay! *beams* I just have to do enough work today to justify getting to read tonight!

...which, thus far, I have not done. But doubleXP weekend ends in about half an hour, and then I'll have no more excuse. :) Now I must rush off and see if I can get Petite to 34th level before the bell tolls. :)

eta: YAY THIRTY-FOURTH LEVEL and now I go for a walk while it's not raining and then to work so thence to READ

halfway there!

All right. Against the odds, I reached page 250. This is against the odds for a variety of reasons, starting with having played CoH until 2pm, and including the moral equivilant of the Novelist's Event Horizon: I'm making small changes that take a long time to work out, so I'm spending a lot of time on one or two pages and not feeling like I'm getting anywhere. Then, to compound it, I've cut out enough scenes today to have the effect of making the book a full chapter shorter. I've lost two chapters since starting this round of edits (after adding six in revisions). I'm just shy of halfway through the manuscript now, and I think it's much better. God, it'd better be. O.O I think this feeling I have coming over me might be the hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

It's fairly early yet, and I could no doubt get another chunk done, but 50 pages is my goal (it'll be more for the next few days, but this weekend was doubleXP weekend, see, so thus 50 pages a day), and I have *books* to read. I'm going to make dinner and *read*. So *there*!

miles to Minas Tirith: 184