June 10th, 2007



Argh. Goddamned Zilli has done something to make his cast slip. The vet's not open on the weekends and I don't know if this constitues an *emergency* (I'm inclined to think not, as long as we can keep him mostly off his feet, which can be accomplished by the use of the cat carrier if necessary). He's not in pain, just suddenly clumsier and hopping more instead of walking (clubbing) along as he'd been doing. Argh. Dumb, *dumb* cat. He'd been doing so well, and it's only supposed to be ten more days before he gets the cast OFF. *Argh*!

eta: we went to the vet anyway, just in case. vet said it hadn't slipped far enough to worry but if it slipped more to come back. and then zilli crapped all over the cat carrier on the way home. oh, god, the stench. :/

eta, again: I think the vet is wrong. I don't know if the cast slipped further or what, but Zilli's not using his leg at all properly now and is trying to shake the cast off with a lot more vehemence than previously, and the proper vet (this one is the weekend guy) said if he stopped using his leg to bring him in. It is not easy to write when you're listening intently for any small sound that might be the cat in pain or danger. -sigh-
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Novelist's Event Horizon

I decided tambowrites had the best name for the "reaching the end of this book is like cutting something in half and then again and again but it's infinite because you can always cut it in half again" syndrome: Novelist's Event Horizon. I am at the Novelist's Event Horizon. The end of the book is always going to be three chapters away. Nothing I do will ever change that fact. Eventually Lawrence Fishburne will arrive to lead me through a space-time continuum of Hell, but at the last moment we will be dragged back, kicking and screaming, much like Paris Hilton unto jail, and there will be no escape.

cats: 1. cast: 0

Zilli just took his cast off.

I heard a sharp, not exactly pained, MEOW! and went downstairs to investigate. Zilli was sitting about three feet away from his cast, licking his paw.

I think the little shit outsmarted it. Judging from its location--right next to the bookcase, where I'd seen him lying with his leg under it earlier--I think he figured out that if it was slipping he could get it off, and I think he put his leg under the bookcase and scraped it off. As shadowhwk said, "...gotta admire the thinking that up, but BAD KITTY"

I have put the little monster into his cat carrier, because there's absolutely no other way to prevent him from getting around, and while he may be all right (although his poor little leg is rather shriveled-looking) I would rather not explore his okay-ness by having him doing normal cat things like stairs and jumping and climbing. Right now his primary interest (not that I can blame him) is washing his foot. I think I'll let him do that for a while, but I expect I'm going to have to put the horrible collar on him after a bit, because there are raw spots and I don't want him to damage himself.

I have this idea that ambar will be reading this and thinking, "Well, *you're* the one who wanted a Bobtail...!"
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-breaks down laughing-

silkiemom threatens to write Walker Papers fan fiction starring Petite, Morrison's Avalon, and Gary's cab. :)

Silkie says, "Iit's hard not to imagine the cab snorting, "She's waaaaaay out of your league, buddy," to the Avalon."

Silkie | Avalon huffed irritably. "Don't get the wrong idea. I was just going to give her a ticket."

Cab snickered. "Sure. I've seen the way you've been eyeing her rear bumper for quite a while now."

Silkie | Petite slipped alongside the other two cars. "What are you two talking about?"

"Ol' Avvie over here thinks you're going too fast for him."

I'm closing comments on this because I don't actually want to encourage fanfic where I can see it. I just think this is too funny not to post. :)