June 9th, 2007


breaking radio silence

After two days of silence you'd think I'd return to triumphantly state the book was done, wouldn't you?

Not so much, sadly. We've spent a lot of time looking at apartments, and I've been creeping forward on book progress. I have finally just hit 110K, and I'm 4 pages shy of this version of the book overtaking the last version. I think I've got about three chapters left. I will finish it this weekend if I have to stay up until Tuesday to do it (it doesn't become not-the-weekend if you don't sleep, right?). Luckily, there's at least one big fight scene that I can put back in almost wholesale, so that'll help push me toward getting the story done, and I know what happens from here on out. It's just a matter of getting it all typed in. I hope. :)

I hate househunting. Fortunately, Ted is much, much more phlegmatic about it and has volunteered to pretty much take it over, and I'm less stressed now. We found a 3br apartment that would probably do quite well, and are going to attempt to string them along a few more days while we look at some houses and see what's to be seen.

Right now, though, it's food time. Starving Kit. Meow.

(Oh, speaking of meow, Mr. Gimpy is getting along quite well. He's extremely impatient with not being able to go up and down stairs easily, but the vet was very happy with how he was getting along and his weight and his movement and all, and with any luck the cast will come off in another 10 days.)

miles to Minas Tirith: 170

officially longer

Ok, the book is now Officially Longer than it was before, and I am going to make dinner, probably work some more (it'd be nice to finish another chapter), watch my show (tonight's the last night!) and...if I'm not done with my chapter, maybe work more between the two parts.

Today's been a nice day, actually. I've gotten work done and I even got out of the house for a walk. It's a miracle. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 173

any dream will do

Oh, this is just agonizing.

Bill, the avuncular producer guy, nearly made Lee the understudy cry, by admitting he should've seen that Lee was a leading man before the entire British nation had to point it out to him. Keith the former emo-boy has tonsilitis, and still turned in a rendition of "Moondance" that just made me want to fall over. His voice is so incredibly pure. And Lewis the blond who I don't even LIKE actually pulled out some dance moves and turned in a couple of surprisingly good performances.

He still went home. I don't think he was surprised. He genuinely was the weakest of the remaining three, but even John Barrowman, who's one of the panel of judges and who also doesn't like him very much, was looking pretty swollen-faced and miserable when Lewis did "Close Every Door" as his last song and went home.

Judging from the in-house audience reaction, Lee's got it in the bag. But I don't know. Lee's the complete package, but Keith's got a better voice, and I still think he'd be the more exciting choice.

I was actually sitting there mashed into the corner of the couch and chewing on my knuckles waiting for the results. The second half is just gonna kill me. God, if I were those boys I'd be backstage puking my guts out.

There will be an addition to this post later. :)

Addition! Lee won. :)

I don't think Keith was at all surprised, and he was very, very good about it. They all were: they had all of them back to do a final group number ("The Boys Are Back In Town") and after Lee sang his piece d'triumph they swarmed the stage and lifted him onto their shoulders and chanted his name and were very, very good. I was very impressed with and proud of all of them.

I do think Lee's the less daring choice, but I'd be pretty willing to fly over to London and see him perform. (I think it'd be cool to do a double-header and see Lee in Joseph and the girl who won Maria last year in Sound of Music on back to back nights.) Either of them would've been brilliant, but Lee's older and more experienced, and I reaaaallllly don't think it's going to hurt Keith any to have not won. He's got one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard, and I hope he goes on to have an absolutely brilliant career.

*beam* I enjoyed that show a *lot*.