May 28th, 2007


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book! spinning! out of control! interesting conclusions revealing themselves! unexpected twists! enemies abound! alliances forming! alliances shattering! hundreds of pages to go! no idea what happens next! damn!
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Arright. I got to page 390 or so, and at that point pretty much decided that it really was time to print out the whole book and see if any of it worked, and to get a feeling for the whole thing so these last hundredish pages don't feel completely out of control.

Ahahaha. -.-

I don't yet know if my clever idea to move a scene is going to work (it's the next scene up if I move it, so I kind of have to figure out now if it'll work) or if I'm going to stick with the same basic structure the last fifth of the book currently has. The latter probably requires less rewriting, but OTOH, at this point I've changed so much that in looking back at the original version I'm like, "Wow, that happened?" and looking at the last fifth going, "Gee, can I work any of this in?"

The good news, for whatever value of good I'm using here, is that my at-a-glance-while-amalgamating-the-files sense was that the book moves a lot faster now than it did in the last draft. The timeline is what I believe we professionals would call "utterly borked", but that's not unfixable, and I'm almost certain its borkedness is not what makes it seem like everything's moving along at a crisper pace.

*exhales noisily*

On non-book topics, Zilli is, I think, less traumatized by the cast and the the occasional wearing of the horrible collar than I am. He's starting to get around pretty well, but he also stuck his foot in his water dish (he's right pawed and often uses his paw to drink), so because the vet said things like "he could lose the leg if the padding under the cast gets wet and swells" he now has a vet appointment for the morning. I hope they don't decide they have to re-cast him, because I've got no way to go back over there in the afternoon to pick him up, and I'd rather not leave him at the vet overnight again.

I decided I'm not capable of dealing with finding a place to live until these revisions are done. Looking at places takes too much time and I'm stressed enough already, thanks. I'll have about a week, in my estimation, to find a place to live and move, because then I'm going to have to try to finish another 125K book before the end of July. This is going to *suck*.

I actually left the house to get a couple miles' walk in as exercise since almost the first time since we got back from Killarney. Go me. Sort of. I certainly haven't accomplished another 100 miles in the last month. :P

I think God is telling me I need to go make banana bread. Too bad God didn't remind me to get walnuts when we were at the store yesterday.

miles to Minas Tirith: 156

introducing the zimmers

Ok, so earlier this evening I saw this article on BBC about a guy who made a documentary about old people's lives in Britain. He met about forty old age pensioners, many of whom were pretty miserable living in care facilities or tower apartments, and he got 'em all together and found a record label willing to take a chance and they recorded "My Generation" as a single. And the video's had 2 million downloads on youtube and the single was released today. Their lead singer is 90. I'm totally downloading the single. :)