May 25th, 2007



Because Ted is a very good husband, he remembered that we had tickets to A Compás!, a flamenco dance concert that I'd seen advertisements for and thought would be very cool to go to.

I was desperately wrong. It was not cool. It was *fantastic*.

All right, first off I must confess that the lead dancer, Ángel Muñoz, looked like a Spanish cross between Peter Wingfield and Neil Gaiman, so basically I could've sat there and watched him do absolutely nothing for hours on end. However, he could also *dance*. Oh my God. I'd assumed, going in, that the woman was the lead dancer, because, well, she's the one featured on most of the program. Now, my eye was immediately drawn to Ángel (I really did, for one startling instant when he walked on stage, think it was Peter Wingfield), but the guy was so *physically* my type I spent probably three numbers watching before I was satisfied that no, he really was the best of them and it wasn't just the OMG SEXAY factor.

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