May 21st, 2007


picture framing

So I just got the print for the HEART OF STONE cover and it's lovely, and now I must get it framed. Herein lies a problem.

Everywhere that I've seen in Cork that does picture framing does a very ... old-school style of framing. Either plain black wood or heavily ornate gold stuff. Not much in the way of matting or color choices or anything. It is all, to my American sensibilities, quite awful.

This and this are a couple of not especially great photos of some of our artwork with the kind of framing I'm looking for. If those are absolutely useless I'll dig some of our art out and take closer-up pictures to get across the idea, but does anybody in the Cork area, or, hell, Ireland, have any idea where I might find people who do framework like this? It'd be really absurd to have to bring my art back to America to get it framed...

(eta: Oh, here's my tortoise framed, anyway; that's a good picture. Except the cropping, but nevermind that.)
daily life

just life

My big accomplishment for the day has been cleaning the kitty litter.

All right, that's not entirely true. I wrote most of a new chapter and am working on another one. I'm at about 72.5K and would like to reach 75K on the book this evening. Donno if it'll happen, but at least I'm still writing.

knappenp says Famous Writers get to have personal assistants, not wives. I don't think I'm that famous, but just in case, anyone wishing to apply for a position as my personal assistant may email their resumes to Bear in mind there are pretty much no perks to this job except living in Ireland (where you'd have to get yourself if you weren't already here), occasionally getting chefted's amazing dinners, and my undying gratitude. :)

We went shopping yesterday and somehow the butter did not make it home. In fact, it didn't even make it onto the shopping receipt. I should probably go buy some butter.

The astute among you will notice I haven't yet posted any pictures from the weekend. I'll get to it, honest. I did, however, get Petite to 31st level today, my reward for finishing a chapter. Unfortunately, this will not be useable as a reward again for weeks, because it takes For. Freaking. Ever. to level at this, er, level.

I am quite ready to stop being as pudgy as I am. Unfortunately, this requires some discipline on my part, and I've misplaced my discipline somewhere. Let's go back to this wife concept. I need a wife who will provide me with sensible meals and not let me go eat cookies whenever I want. And who will make me go to the gym. Maybe Trent is right. I need a personal assistant. Or some discipline. A personal assistant sounds better.

I called to look at a house today, which is to say, I called today, but didn't look at the house. Anyway, the guy asked if we had kids, and I said no, and that was good because there's a break in the wall and little kids could fall down into the water, and then he asked if we had work references and I said well, I didn't, as I was a self-employed author, but my husband did, and before I got that far he was saying we sounded like just exactly the tenants they wanted, so let's hope it's just exactly the house we want.

I've spent about an hour on this post, between one thing and another. I'm guessing I won't be hitting 75K tonight...