May 5th, 2007


making progress

I've finished another chapter in the HOUSE OF CARDS revisions and and I know what to do next. I also broke 200 pages on the revised manuscript and am a couple thousand words shy of 50K. I'm also about 15 pages behind where I was at the same chapter in the original manuscript, but what one might delicately call "a whole fucking shitload" of stuff has happened that did not happen previously, and all the stuff that comes later still has to happen. I anticipate it breaking 500 pages when revisions are complete (not such a stretch; the original manuscript was around 475 pages, I think).

Also, ZOMG, the final manuscript for HEART OF STONE is freaking huge. It's about 480 pages, whereas the Walker Papers ones are around...390-410, I think? Ted was like, " that the /book/?!" I *fear* this manuscript. I also think I'm going to try to do AAs in the evening for the next week, because I want to keep moving forward on the revisions if at all possible, and I need to do that in the daytime.

And speaking of ZOMG, I got the rough cover art for HEART OF STONE. I don't know if I can officially post it anywhere public yet, so I'm not going to, but ZOMG. I am *way* happy with it!

...dude. I just found it on the artist's website (Chris McGrath! The guy doing the Dresden Files covers! SQUEE!). I think that means I can post it. (ETA: link removed, editor says no showing it off yet.)

Going to the swim meet tomorrow, as today it started and ended late, and because the 7pm train from Cork to Cobh is mythical, I decided I'd rather not risk getting stuck at the train station for an hour and a half. So tomorrow will be my day off instead of today. So I'm looking forward to that. And now I'm going to go rot my brain on a reality show casting for Joseph in Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat on the West End. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 135
ytd wordcount: 86,100