May 1st, 2007


Book Day!

COYOTE DREAMS is officially on the shelves today! I beg of you, go forth and purchase with all due haste! I have a lot of catching up to do to match Jim! :)

(jimhines's new book, GOBLIN HERO, is out today, too, if you needed more than one book to buy at the bookstore today, and I know how it is: you always need more than one book to buy!)
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Surrender the manuscript!

I have just stolen this graphic from rachelcaine and intend to use it until I've finished these damned revisions.

Actually, I'm getting a little depressed over how much revising I've got to do. *sigh* I keep going through the manuscript trying to find scenes I can salvage for the part that I'm currently at, and everything I find has to be so completely rewritten that there's not even any point in trying to use the original text as a jump-off point. There _is_ salvageable material later on (though that, too, has to be rewritten), but I have what is clinically known as "fuckloads of new story" to write before I can get there.

I've now been sitting here for fifteen minutes trying to think of what else I can add to this entry, but apparently that pretty well sums it up. Guess it's time to go back on my head.

things that are not writing

Yoga class last night was pleasant in a sort of "I don't really feel like I'm getting much out of this" way. The class last week felt more...achivey. I (we) did, however, learn the sun salutation, which I'm not any good at at *all*, and feel very clumsy doing. And we don't have class next week because it's a bank holiday, so if I don't practice it on my own I'm never going to get better. I'm not especially good at practicing things on my own, but I did one round of it and a few other back-and-ab-strengthening poses this evening. *waves a little flag*

At the pool this evening I talked with a man who used to be an All-Ireland champion rower, and said I thought rowing looked like a lot of fun and I'd love to try it. He told me where and when to go to meet the Rushbrooke rowing club, and I thought wow, that'd be great! And then I got out of the pool and walked home and my back, which has been pretty good of late (knock on wood) was quite thick and achy and uncomfortable. This is probably a hint that rowing is really not a very good idea until I've strengthened my back a lot more than I currently have. That makes me sad, because I'd *really* like to do it. :p

The problem, of course, is that in order to improve without injuring myself, I have to go gradually, and I am not at all *good* at gradual. I'm more the "go like hell's bells for a little while then collapse and stop for weeks/months/years" sort, which is not particularly practical for fitness. Yoga and pilates are both supposed to be good for that kind of gradual improvement, but I'd pretty much have to follow a regiment on my own, and historically, I don't really do that. The yoga class I'm taking is a good start, but it's *too* gradual--a couple times a week would be a lot better. (What was that I just said about not good at gradual?)

And, along those lines, so far it appears I'm the fastest swimmer in Cobh and I wish to God people would get out of my way. (As rob_donoghue said, amidst laughter, "There's a metaphor in there, trying to get out.") I realize that I have a badly warped sense of what lap swimming entails, which is born from being a competitive swimmer in high school. I also don't think I'm an especially fast swimmer, because I know people who *are*, but it struck me a couple years ago that what I am is only fast compared to most people. In this case "most people" is "everybody I have been in the pool in Cobh with so far", which is part of why I really, really need to go to the swim meet this weekend and find out if there are any Masters club swimmers in Cobh and when the hell they swim if there are. I don't care so much if the people in the lane with me are slow (except for the fact that I get a *much* better workout if they're not), but what drives me nuts is mostly that people don't pull over. If you are a competitive swimmer of any sort you're trained where to move when somebody faster comes up behind you, and I understand *why* casual swimmers don't do it, but it's still maddening. Although far, far more maddening is when they do things like, I'm ten feet from the wall and they know I'm five times faster if they can, you know, SEE ME AT ALL, and they'll push off instead of letting me do my flip turn and move ahead of them. WTF!

*pantpantpant* Okay, I think I feel better now. :)

This icon has nothing to do with the post. I just found it and so far it's my favorite Doctor icon I've seen, so I wanted to use it. :)

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