April 26th, 2007


Whew. Sort of.

I figured out where to start rewriting. *crossed eyes* It meant going back and cutting out another chapter, which did not make me happy at *all*. In fact, once I realized I had to, I sat there for well over an hour not doing it, even though I knew what to do. Eventually I figured what I needed to do was take a brisk walk and *accept* the fact that I had to do it, so I did, and I did. :)

So anyway, what it took was changing the interaction between the two main characters to add more conflict so there was not an easy path from A to C. I couldn't get to B with an easy path, and B is one of the major skeletal pieces I'm inserting into the book, so it really needs to be there. I said cryptically. On the positive side, while the next couple scenes do need revising, they might not have to be thrown out entirely and redone from scratch. So maybe I'll get a lot done tomorrow!

Tonight, CoH. Yay! :)

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