April 24th, 2007


I found my rain pants!

Now, it's true I hadn't looked very hard for them, because when I did look, it took about four seconds to find them (they were a hanger in the closet), but now I HAVE them! And now I have no excuse for not walking in all kinds of weather.

Yesterday was definitely All Kinds of Weather. By the time I went out, it was no longer pouring, just misting and winding like crazy, and I was deeply grateful not only for my rain pants, but also for the rain jacket I bought a while ago. It's a really *good* rain jacket, although I don't like wearing hoods because they seem to make me hold my head funny. Still! Yay for good rain gear! All I need now is weatherproofed shoes, or spray to weatherproof my shoes /with/, more likely.

I also looked at the pool schedule and discovered that the evening lap swim hours are from 8:30pm to 10pm, except on the nights they're 9-10pm. Who the hell swims that late? Who can be arsed to get out of the house at that hour? (The Irish, obviously.) So in a fit of pique I called up and asked if they ever had lanes cordoned off for lap swim during public swim hours, and in fact, yes, they do, two lanes all the time. So there. Between knowing that and having all-weather walking gear, I've gone and done myself out of excuses, haven't I. :)

Last night, in a fit of CRAAAAZINESS, I actually went to a yoga class. It was extremely pleasant, and more unlike exercise than any of the few yoga classes I've taken in the past. At the same time, it was *obviously* very good for my lower back, and although she said the Thursday class was pretty full, I may see if I can drop in and take that class as often as I can, too, because it is clear to me that twice weekly would be an excellent number of times to do that kind of workout. (I can probably remember what we did clearly enough to do it on my own, but let's have a reality check here, shall we?)

Okay, off to work now. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 93

things i must do!

The Irish Open, a Masters swim club championship meet, is the first weekend of May in Cork. I must remember to go to that. I would enjoy it a lot.

Plodding away (or plotting away) on the book. Tomorrow's a day off, since it's volunteer day, and realistically speaking I won't get anything done so I might as well not feel guilty about it. :) Maybe the day off will give me time to figure out what I'm doing, too, which would be helpful.

The whole book is going through a ripple effect. Minor changes begetting more significant ones begetting major ones. I'm reaching the major changes stage, and trying to figure out how to make it all work makes my brain throb. (wum, wum, wum.) I'm pretty certain I have to throw out the entire next two chapters wholesale and write a dozen new scenes that do exactly the same things that the original ones did, only totally differently. o.O

miles to Minas Tirith: 98
ytd wordcount: 70,500
sekrit number: 3.75