April 22nd, 2007


soooo sleeeepy

The thing I miss most about wearing contacts is the cold splash in the eyes first thing in the morning. About a decade ago an eye doctor told me I was wearing my contacts too much and that I was starting to grow extra blood vessels in my eyes and that I needed to stop wearing them so much. About six or seven years ago, I stopped wearing them so much (never let it be said I like to be told what to do) and while I still dislike wearing glasses for the same reasons I always did, I've gotten used to them and mostly only put my contacts in when I go out into the world. (The real problem was all the staring at a computer screen and not blinking, and boy, my eyes get tired fast now if I'm wearing contacts and looking at computers.)

But man, I really miss the wakening sploosh of putting them in. Cold water on the face, or even drops in the eyes, just doesn't have quite the same effect.


Wow. I just got a series of pops out of my back which, in a different society, could have been considered profound enough to start a small but heartfelt religion on.

That's all. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 88
ytd wordcount: 66,900
sekrit number: 2.5