April 19th, 2007


daily life :)

One of the cool things about being a writer is that sometimes people send me books to read. :) Sometimes these are not published books, like Gail Dayton's ETERNAL ROSE, and sometimes they are published books, like msagara's SEA OF SORROWS, which I could not find a copy of and which she proposed sending me as part of a hostage exchange: SEA for COYOTE. I call that a win. *beam* As soon as I'm done with revisions I'm plunking down and reading it and the last two books of her series, which will be a splendid reward for doing all that work. :)

My husband is a smarty-pants. Last night I was playing City of Heroes, and asked him how to get to a zone I'd never been to, so I could finish a mission. He said, "Practice, practice, practice." *laughs* He, by the way, has gotten Targeter up to 30th, deliberately leaving me behind in the DUST, as I've just barely made 28th with Petite. Sniffle. The brute. Maybe tonight while he's at work I'll find a high-level group and catch up. >.<

Darn it, there were other things I was going to chat about as a method of procrastination, but I've forgotten what they were, so I guess I'll go back to work for a while. :)


Wow. I just got the most incredible fan mail from a woman who read COYOTE last night. The idea of everyone having an inner garden really resonated with her, and she sat down and had a think about what her own might be like, and wrote this beautiful, evocative description and sent it to me, and I'm just ... *wow*. *Wow*.

I'll be over here with a stunned look and a stupid, stupid grin, thanks very much. *beams*

miles to Minas Tirith: 72