April 17th, 2007




Jim's latest Dresden book, WHITE NIGHT, is currently #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *stupid beaming idiot grin*!

As skzbrust was saying last WFC, "I now have a new first name. I will now be eternally referred to as New York Times Bestselling Author Steven Brust." (We had a really good time introducing him to anybody who came near the table as New York Times Bestselling Author Steven Brust, in fact. *giggles*)

I must get somewhere where Jim is so I can spent a lot of time introducing him to people as New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Butcher.


writing is hard.

Finished reading HoC for revisions. The good news is that everything is minor, except the one very large thing that I basically feared was a problem right from the beginning but couldn't see how to fix and so hoped nobody else would notice it, more or less. For some reason, that never works. *squinchy face* Unfortunately, I still don't know how to fix it. It's a basic Second Book In A Trilogy problem. There's a lot of setup for things that'll happen in the third book, but not quite enough *there* for an emphatic story of its own.

I'm theoretically starting revisions this afternoon, but I'm not entirely sure there's much point in doing the detail work until I know how to fix the larger problem, because the details will possibly get swept up/changed in fixing the larger problem. Tomorrow there'll be brainstorming, and with any luck I'll get something figured out. (Oh, hey, I know. I'll work on 100 Years a bit. It's not proper work, it's true, but it's fun, and I'd said I'd do it, and my brainstorming session is already set for tomorrow instead of today, so it's not a /bad/ use of time...right?)

In the meantime I've discovered that too much sweet stuff now gives me the same sort of reaction that too much alcohol does, albeit to a considerably lesser degree: accelarated heartbeat, twisty tummy, general inability to sleep. There is, of course, a very obvious solution to this, which at the moment I'm feeling quite inclined to pursue.


I just got the COYOTE ARC in the mail. It's pretty cool, and has the Library Journal quote on the cover instead of the Charles de Lint quote. My name's smaller on it, and there's no paw print or "Book 3", and the internal fonts are different. V. interesting to my tiny mind. :)

In other news, the hamburger is still frozen, making a dinner of meatloaf somewhat difficult to produce. I may punt to frozen fish & chips, rather than go spend money at the corner store.

I have a list of things I have not done today. I'm going to go AFK and try to get at least some of them done, darn it.


Amazon says COYOTE DREAMS is in stock!

First person to report sighting it in the wild can have a copy of HEART OF STONE sent to them when I get it (in October, I should think)! Or another of my books, if you want it, except not CARDINAL RULE, because I'm all out. :)

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