April 2nd, 2007


all the happy fanboy geeking

Last night, Ted and I watched the first two episodes of Collapse )

So, THANK YOU, tersa! You have made us very very happy! *beam* YAY! :) (And boy have I gotten spoiled, though, between watching TV on DVD and just watching TV in Ireland in general: I was horrified at the sheer number and regularity of commercials interrupting the show! Wow! So spoiled!)

And on the note of European TV, we also watched the first epsiode of Collapse )

*happysigh* I luff being a geek. :)

books away!

Books for slovobooks, natural20, seimaisin's friend, ruford42 and ambar are in the mail! DVDs for people will be going out over the next few days at I get the appropriate sorts of shipping materials for things. Those will be going slow boat, but they'll get there eventually! :)

This--a news story about how dirt might be good for you--utterly fails to surprise me.

miles to Minas Tirith: 27