March 29th, 2007



The end of the ARC story:

Due to one thing or another, the COYOTE ARC did not get pulled down from eBay before the end of the auction (and went for $33, which just makes me go buh). The seller making thirty-three bucks off my book still annoys me, but hey, at least somebody got a copy of the book they really wanted.

Except the winner just emailed me to say she'd bid on it so she could return it to its rightful owner, and wanted to know if it should therefore be sent to me, or to my agent. *boggle* I told her to keep it, of course, although since I don't have any of the ARCs I said if she wanted she could send it to me in exchange for a signed copy of the regular edition. How very nice of her!

My big plan for the day is to get enough done this morning to be able to go over to Monkstown and go for a nice long walk this afternoon. Am I a party animal, or what? :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 10

and the winnahs are...

seimaisin, who requests a book for her friend starting chemo soon

natural20, whose extravagant promises to pimp my ride (or whatever) made Ted and me both laugh aloud

ruford42, because the image of a grown man squeeing over the book is too good to resist

slovobooks and ambar win a the bonus rounds by way of 1. inflicting Incredibly Cute Kittenness on me, and 2. apparently using vast telepathic powers to keep the cats *quiet* this morning, which I am deeply grateful for. :)

All of you please email me your addresses (cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com). :)