March 26th, 2007


Fireplace: 1; Cats: 0

We got a cat toy a couple of weeks ago, and we've been keeping it above the hearth, because there's nowhere else to really keep it. The cats *know* where the toy is, and the grate covering the fireplace keeps being knocked over because they're trying to get to the toy.

This morning Zilli is a very, very dirty grey cat who has obviously been rolling around in the fireplace. I think we need to find a new place to keep the cat toy. :)

Man. I did not get up early enough today. Springing forward's supposed to be easier as a time change, isn't it? Not for me. I'm all screwed up. Bah. So I haven't gotten any work done and now it's TEN THIRTY so I feel like the day is wasted (what's *happening* to me?) and I'm somewhat cranky about that. Bah.

However, I'm off to run an errand or two, which will probably chipper me up some. It's a beautiful day out.

v. nice afternoon

Ted and I went over to Monkstown this afternoon, after only a year of saying we were going to. It's directly across the water--the ferry runs every few minutes, back and forth and forth and back, and the church I have taken to referring as my church is there (it turns out the church in question is the Sacred Heart Church, which has absolutely nothing on "Church of the Fairy Palace" as far as names go. The Church of the Fairy Palace is the Monkstown old church, apparently, and I have not yet been there, but I shall go soon!), and it's perfectly gorgeous from across the water. It turns out it's perfectly gorgeous from up close, too, with miles of waterfront walkway between it and Passage West (also directly across the water), and three walks mapped out around Monkstown that bring you around to the castle and the old church and everything. I am very much looking forward to going over and taking those walks!

And in walking around today, I reached Dunharrow! I'm currently on the 578 mile ride with Merry and the Rohirrim from Isengard to Dunharrow to Edoras to Minas Tirith leg of the Middle Earth Walk, with the Dunharrow to Edoras stint being sufficiently few miles (less than 30) as to not bother breaking it out separately. So I've got to walk another 380 miles to get to Minis Tirith, which will probably take me most of the rest of the year, if not all of it. I've been walking around Middle Earth since late March/early April 2003, and I've walked, um, 2332 miles in the last four years.

miles to Dunharrow: 198
miles to Minis Tirith: 1

I've done laundry and cleaned the kitchen twice. When Ted came home from Cork earlier today, I said, rather despondently, that I'd gotten nothing done today, and he saw the clean kitchen and the laundry in progress and put his hands on his hips and said, "Woman! You've done nothing at all today! What's wrong with you?" *laugh* Yes, well, what I /meant/ was I'd done no /work/ today, and I'm still in the "Work? What is this work you speak of?" stage. Which is unfortunate, since it's now after 5pm.

...however, I've just discovered I was writing about pbray in my storybits, and now while I'm still not especially inclined to work, I'm more cheerful about the prospect because if I do even a little bit of work on the real stuff maybe I can write some more on One Hundred Years. :)