March 16th, 2007


attack of the adverbs

I had one of those wretched back-to-college dreams where you realize it's halfway through the semester and you've only gone to the first week of classes, and you don't actually know your schedule, much less what's going on in any of the classes but you've decided that by God you're going to pull this semester together somehow so you've nerved yourself up to go to a class.

Only in this case, first off, I thought I was going to a history class, and instead it proved to be a math class. That would be bad enough by itself, but to make matters both worse and inexplicably far more bizarre, the class was heavily peopled with kids I went to high school with who'd hated me. I was trying desperately to take notes and figure things out while people were blaming me for them failing my dad's classes (which never actually happened. Dad taught English and Drama at my high school, and I fairly often had people come up to me and demand, "Did you know your dad *failed* me?" I would say, "Er, no," and invariably that would take the wind out of their sails and they'd wander off looking somewhat confused. What did they think, that I'd asked him to fail them?) and a variety of other evils I'd apparently committed which all evidently explained why it was they'd picked on me in junior high and high school.

One girl who was uniformly horrible to me from 7th grade onward grew up into an extremely decent person. I periodically consider asking her what exactly it was that I'd done to become one of her and her comrades' victims, but I've restrained out of 1. knowing intellectually that it doesn't really matter, and 2. the fear that she would have no recollection what-so-ever of being completely nasty for six years, and I would therefore feel moronic, which totally undermines the intellectual awareness that it doesn't really matter, but hey, nobody's perfect. :)

Anyway, I hate those dreams. :)

thinks to do today:
- see how far I can get on HoCH revisions
- pick a room, any room, and spend 15 minutes cleaning it
- go for a walk
- do some laundry

A bluebird just landed on his shoulder!

After 500 words and a lot of increasing sullenness, I told Ted I really needed to get out of the house and do ANYTHING, even go to a movie neither of us much wanted to see. However, before we actually got that far, I realized the real problem was that the house was disgusting and filthy and that I didn't want out of the house, I wanted a CLEAN HOUSE.

The downstairs is now sparkly. The upstairs wasn't so bad to begin with, so all is well. After all that cleaning, we went down into Cobh and had a Nummy Treat at the Lazy Bean Cafe, which, to my delight, has very good hot chocolate. 'course, we had our Nummy Treat at like 4pm, so dinner's gonna be late tonight. ;)

While in town, we also picked up a couple of cat toys, which sent the kitties into spasms of delight. One of them is a little toy mouse, which Lucy tried to eat. :)

coffeeem has begun excercising lately, and to her dismay, rather enjoying how it makes her feel, prompting the following conversation:

mizkit: See, now, isn't that just incredibly annoying? I always feel a little exasperated when I go forth and exercise and it perks! me! up! And it works every time. You'd think that I'd learn this and that I'd want to exercise *always*, but noooo, exercise is hard and sweaty and etc etc etc.

I can't work out if it's that it works every time that's annoying, or if it's that I don't do it all the time that's annoying. :)

coffeeem: Exactly--in addition to being hard, sweaty, et cetera, it's right. And it's smug about it. Arrggh!

See, now I'm feeling guilty for not going on a walk today. :)


Question from logrusboy, from the ask-me-a-question comments: Ever had a project that you really loved but, for whatever reason, couldn't make it work? [No, Chance doesn't count. It's not making you money (yet), but you're making it work.] If so, please discuss. If not, well, I honestly can't say I'm surprised. :) know, I've been thinking about this for a couple days, and I actually can't think of anything I've really, really put myself behind that I loved that hasn't worked out. You're right: Chance doesn't count, 'cause it's still in early stages. I have at least one YA book that I love beyond reason that hasn't yet sold, but I know its problems and I know it'll sell when I fix them. shadowhwk and I have a book we've tried to sell, and a tv series we want to do someday, and we've run them up the flagpole more than once without success, but I believe those are a matter of time and place, too. I have some of my own screenplay and tv ideas that I haven't pursued, but they're not failures, they're just not up to bat yet.

Apparently I don't much believe in "this is not a viable idea" as an answer to being stymied. Instead, I tend to anticipate a right time and situation in which to pursue things. I tend to be...or I think of myself as, anyway, fairly methodical in my approach to business. Take "Chance", for example: I needed certain things to make that work, most of which involved skills I don't have: fantastic sequential art, gorgeous coloring ability, lettering talent. So I went forth and found people who had those things, and put together the product I wanted. My heart and soul and passion are behind that project, and I've come to believe that when you're ready to move on something, you will. I was ready to do Chance. I'm not yet ready to try pitching a TV series or a screenplay: I'm not prepared to put together the product I want. I honestly have every confidence that when I /am/ ready to move on it, I'll do so successfully.

At *some* point I'm sure I'll run up against the hard ugly wall of failure to achieve what I want to, but honestly, so far, I don't think I have.

...I may go read a book. It'd be morally superior to go for a walk, or work on /my/ book, but writefantastic says THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA is good.... :)

Oh, hey, today's kitsnaps is cool. :)

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