March 14th, 2007


I am not procrastinating.

I am eating breakfast. There's a big difference! As soon as I have finished eating breakfast I will turn off this computer and go to work. Really. :)

Lucy has become such a tubby kitty that chasing a piece of string makes her wheezy. I'm going to go find some low-fat cat food, or possibly just some not-for-the-delicate-of-bowel-Zilli cat food, and start feeding the cats separately and on a schedule. None of us will like that at all, but it won't hurt any of us, either. (Now if someone would do that for me!)

thinks to do:
- see how far i can get in HANDS OF CHANGE revisions
- defrost fridge
- pick a room, any room, and spend 15 minutes CLEANING IT
- go shopping
- go for a walk

Breakfast done. Off to work now.

busy day

Today was one of those days where I was too busy doing other things to write. Only it turns out that if you get up around 7:30am or so, and start being productive more or less right away, even if you're too busy doing other things to write, you still have enough time to write. I'd accomplished all sorts of things by 12:30, and was sort of bewildered that it was only 12:30. So I got half a new chapter written today: a little less than I hoped, quite a lot more than I feared.

I also defrosted the freezer (what a lot of water) and cleaned the kitchen some while I was about it, then later actually took 15 minutes to do more thorough cleaning. I feel very virtuous. Tomorrow's 15 minutes are also going to have to be allotted to the kitchen, I fear, but it should Sparkle when I'm done. And Ted and I went shopping to replenish our emptied larder, and I took a reasonably long walk. I even managed to do one or two other things that weren't on my list. I'm terribly impressed with myself. :) And now I'm going to go play CoH with Robin for a bit.

Yes, sir, that's the exciting life of a writer. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 169.5g
ytd wordcount: 46,800