March 12th, 2007


P-Con IV report!

What a fantastic weekend. :)

We got up to Dublin Friday night, found some dinner somewhere (oh, at Elephant & Castle), then headed over to the hotel to see who was about. Quite a lot of people were about, in fact, though slovobooks and ephiriel were on their way out, so we only spoke to them for about two seconds (that seems to be a recurring theme, somehow). However, in those two seconds, Pádraig volunteered me for the 10am "Just A Minute" quiz, because nwhyte was coming in later than expected. (He's very good at volunteering people for things. Later in the weekend he volunteered me for another panel, too (Pictionary, actually, about which I go on far too long behind the cut. :))

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Anyway, it was an absolute blast. A big shout-out to xnamkrad, pgmcc, and jacobsmills, who managed to put it all together. I can't wait til next year.

...and really, the reason I can't wait for next year is *not* that they asked me to be Guest of Honor next year, although they did, and I accepted, but just because it's a great fun con. :) (I'm truly a bit astonished at having been asked: you can't even easily *buy* my books here, and I've only been on-scene in Ireland for a year, so wow! And my, aren't I feeling like running around to local bookshops to really try to get them to order my books...! Somebody said to me, "Ok, last year you were just an attendee, this year you're a guest, next year you're GoH. You're either going to have to be banned from the con after that, or they're going to have to make a new position. Queen of P-Con." *laughs*)

On the train thither and yon I read THE ETERNAL ROSE, which waaaaaaaaugh! wonderful! loved it! so happy to read it! yay! WAAAAAAAUGH! And I even did a little work on my own book.

And I've just received line edits for HEART OF STONE, the book I never, ever, ever want to look at again, which suggests to me that after the better part of a month of not working, it is time to get back on the horse.

miles to Dunharrow: 163


I've just had a chat conversation with Breic, who is just a little over four years old:

Rosie: Mr. Breic is sitting on my lap now.
Catie: Hello Mr. Breic!
Rosie: hi
Rosie: That was Breic!
Catie: Wow! A very typing Breic!
Breic: yeah
Catie: How is Mr. Breic today? Did you have a good time playing outside?
Breic: yeah
Catie: And did you have a yummy dinner?
Breic: yeah
Catie: I'm glad to hear that. :)
Breic: how are you
Catie: I'm very good, thank you!
Breic: good
Catie: Are you and Seirid being good boys for Grandma and Grandpa?
Breic: yeah
Catie: That's good. I'm proud of you. :)
Breic: we can go outside n the morning
Catie: That sounds like fun!
I hope it won't be raining!
I went outside to play this afternoon, too, just like you did.
Breic: goodnight now i love you
Catie: Good night! I love you too!
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