March 9th, 2007


Beauty and the Beast picoreview

It's late, so I'm intending this to be only a very brief review of Beauty and the Beast, although I have a great deal to say about it and may get carried away.

The very short version is, while I'm glad I went, it was an adequate performance of largely bad material, and as far as staging it is concerned, I would have done it *entirely* differently, just about from top to bottom. I think it suffered badly in comparison to the stage version of The Lion King, which is at least as good as the film, and possibly better due to the sheer technical wonder of it all. BatB opted for melodrama/caricature (which, admittedly, is in keeping with the film), and I didn't think it worked nearly as well.

For some *incredibly* bizarre reason, the actors all had their microphones between their eyebrows, like some kind of caste mark. It made everyone look like they had a giant zit thoroughly covered in makeup on their foreheads. The only principle who did not have a Zit Mic was Maurice, Belle's father, who was played by a balding man, and whose hair could presumably not hide the microphone cord. I cannot imagine what possessed them to do that.

One would think with the bizarre microphones and all, the sound balance between the orchestra and vocals would have been fantastic. It wasn't. It wasn't as bad as some shows I've gone to, but there was too much music and not enough voice in several of the songs. Professional theatre should not have that kind of problem, dammit.

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Really, that sounds like I didn't enjoy it, which isn't true. I did enjoy it, and I'm genuinely glad I went, because I've wanted for years to see it and I'd have felt hugely like I'd missed out if I hadn't gone. Besides, half the fun of theatre is being able to tear a show apart, and it's a rare damned thing when I can't. (That always stuns my family, when all we can say is, "Wow, that was really *good*!")

Also, more or less totally unrelated, as fantastically gorgeous and sexy as the high-stiletto-heeled Cadiz boots are, I'll be sending them back. They're just not wearable enough; four hours of them tonight, most of which wasn't on my feet, was too much. I love them, they're beautiful, they're gorgeous, but I really don't think I'll wear them again, and they cost too damned much to keep lying around. Someday when I'm rich perhaps I'll have an extremely sexy pair of boots like that custom made to fit my feet precisely. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 160

off for the weekend

Ted and I are going up to Dublin for PCon this weekend. I don't even know if we're bringing the laptop, much less whether we'll have net access, so there may be radio silence til sometime Monday afternoon.

I *am* bringing Gail Dayton's ETERNAL ROSE, 3rd book in her One Rose trilogy, which I get to read months ahead of schedule 'cause she asked me to blurb it. Ahahaha. Sometimes being a writer is very cool. :) I've *really* enjoyed the first two books in the series, and am rillyrilly looking forward to reading the third.

I'm also bringing a copy of CHANCE so slovobooks (and others) can look at it, and must remember to bring copies of WINTER MOON for hawkwind_lb and others as give-aways. And we must bring our cameras so Sunday night we can go around Dublin and do some night photography. And--right. Must do a bunch of things, but right now, must go to the store to get food for the train.

Looking forward to this weekend. Yay!