March 4th, 2007


fresh cream: 1. moral superiority: 0

I went down to find some kind of lunch, and thought, "Hm, the raspberries are starting to go bad. I should have a bowl of Kashi Crunch with some raspberries and that'll be morally superior and light and good for me and use up some of the raspberries before they go bad." So I poured the cereal and fished out non-ooky raspberries and opened the fridge to get the milk...

...and found the half cup of fresh cream left over from Mom and Dad's visit, and poured the cream over my formerly morally superior lunch, thus doubling its caloric value and obliterating any superiority it may have had.

Sure tasted yummy, though. :)

Our plan yesterday had been to go to Cashel, but when we got in the car we all discussed the fact that we'd all been to Cashel, so instead we drove out to Bantry, which is on the far edge of nowhere*. I'd been very interested to see it, because it's supposed to be a hopping arts centre, and I wondered if it would be a splendid place to live. It turns out that it's a very pretty town, but I would not at *all* want to live there, not unless they re-opened the train line out there. The road--and we took the one that's supposed to be more straight-forward and better-maintained--is two lanes with no shoulders except where it's 1.5 lanes with no shoulders, and twisty as a twisty thing. It reminded us of the road to Homer, except much worse. No *wonder* people in Ireland don't go visit other places in Ireland. It's too hard to *get* there. (This is not a new complaint, neither for me nor for the Irish in general, who bitch about their roads a lot. :))

My God the countryside out there is beautiful, though. If I had, like, a *helicopter*, I'd love to live out there.

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There'll be more photos at kitsnaps/kitsnaps over the next couple weeks.

One of the things I didn't take a picture of was the funny French couple who were horsing around on one of the sculptures in the town square. It's a gigantic anchor, and as we were walking toward it, the guy was fiercely pushing against it, as if he were all that was holding it in place. Dad started applauding, and the woman cried, "Wait! We have anozzar idea!" and scrambled over to it and hooked her hood on the anchor's arm and made as if she were blowing away, crying, "Help me! Help me!" We all applauded and laughed a lot. That was quite splended. :) :) "Wait! We have anozzar idea!" Hee hee hee. :)

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*Not as much on the far edge of nowhere as aberdeen lives. But still pretty far.