March 2nd, 2007


What's the difference between a fiddle and a violin?*

So the fiddler last night, Zoe Conway, was quite wonderful. She's extremely pretty and about 23, from the looks of her. While she's not as good as Martin Hayes, that's sort of like saying Ghiradelli's hot fudge sundaes aren't as good as Hot Licks' hot fudge sundaes (which is true, but you're still just splitting hairs between one level of fantastic and another!).

Collapse ) All in all, it was really worth going to, and furthermore, Ted reports that the photoshop class would have been a total waste of my time and that in his opinion going to see the fiddler was a far, far better use of my time. A win all around! And now I'm rather childishly excited about the prospect of going to more performances there, and really looking forward to the Cobh Maritime Song Festival in early June. Yay! :)

I also picked up a flyer for a drum circle class that's starting on Wednesday nights here in Cobh. Drum circles are awesome. Maybe I'll go!

Mom and Dad are coming down for the weekend and we're going to brave the weather and go up to Cashel, so I probably won't be around much.

*A fiddle is fun to listen to. :)