February 25th, 2007


still not dead!

Ted and I have been having Adventures! :) Yesterday we drove down to Kinsale, which is in fact very pretty. It reminds me a great deal of Homer, Alaska, except without the mountains. Still, it's got that Cosmic Hamlet By The Sea feeling to it. We actually mostly only walked down along the shore, rather than exploring the town any, because by the time we got back from walking down the shore it was starting to rain and I was all tired out from the wind and chill. :) I only took one or two pictures that I liked. I want to go back down there, though. There are castles and trails and stuff to explore!

Today we stayed on Cobh, and went over to Marloag Wood, where there were no witches. (I know, I know, that's Birnam Wood, but still. It SOUNDS like there should be witches!) There was a little girl having a riding lesson, and smiling hugely about it, and there were old roads through the woods, and we trundled around and found one that went down to the beach (I think there were two that did, but we only went down one because we were tired after walking around on the beach after that), and went around the point until we could see the cathedral in the distance, and then we trundled home again and collapsed in front of the tv and watched a Sharpe's movie and had wonderful chicken soup that Ted made for dinner.

And now I am *bery* tired. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 146