February 17th, 2007


peculiarly full day

I did two things worth mentioning today: I wrote, and I walked around Cobh taking photographs for three hours. That made for a peculiarly full day.

Most of the photos are total crap, but I was trying to learn how to use the manual settings on the camera, so I was pretty much expecting them to be crap. I ended up with half a dozen I liked, including one I submitted to today's day_on_earth, and a shot of a dandelion that's goddamned Artistic. :) I'll link to it when it comes up on kitsnaps. :)

The writing, however, was not total crap, and I'm happy with it, and if I were a slightly better person I'd go finish the chapter, but this way I know exactly where I'm picking up tomorrow. It's all good.

My, I'm tired.

ytd wordcount: 38,400
miles to Dunharrow: 128