February 6th, 2007


busy morning

We went into town this morning so I could be interviewed. That was quite a bit of fun, and the fellow whose production it is seemed pleased, and it'll be neat to see the final product.

However. There are at least 34590870 little girls named Catie in this country. I know: I've heard their names being called out. Why is it that Irish adults hear my name is Catie and immediately start calling me Cathy? Mostly if they read it they say Cat-ee, if they hear it they say Cathy. Whyyyy? It's maddening. I am not especially keen on being called Cate, but I've learned to introduce myself as Cate because I *hate* being called Cathy. And in Ireland "Kit" is a boy's name, so probably that would bewilder them even more. Sigh. Anyway, as you might have guessed by now, everyone today called me Cathy (except, I think, the Canadian guy, but I'm not sure he called me by name at all). Nrgh. But overlooking the fact that nobody got my name right, it was a lot of fun. :)

After dat Ted and I went out for lunch, where I had really excellent pasta, cooked just perfectly, and Ted had a spicy something or other that wasn't really spicy but was quite tasty anyway. Ted then went forth to get his provisional lisence, which he now has, and I went forth to ask the people at the fair trade shop (yes, the one on French Church Street) if they'd like me to come in and volunteer. They, in fact, asked what day I could come in, and were it not for the fact that the woman in charge eventually wanted my phone number, I'm not sure they'd have ever so much as asked my name. :) So I'm going in next Wednesday morning. Hopefully that will work out in a reasonably fun way.

Oh. I thought I'd posted this. Apparently I hadn't. o.o

miles to Dunharrow: 104


Via Boing Boing, a miracle fruit that alters your sense of taste so that sour things become sweet. Dood. I *want* one of these plants. The reason I don't eat oranges is they're too sour. If I could nibble a lil' froot that would make them sweet I'd like them!

We have a room for PCon. Yay. Not on site, but a room, so all is well.

Rapid and enthusiastic discussions in comments have brought to light the point that the Irish are extremely random with their T's and TH's, and while I never would've thought of it, having had it pointed out to me, it's clear that the "t" in "Catie" is getting switched to TH by people who do that kind of thing (the town name "Athy", which is in theory pronounced aTHIGH, is often pronounced a'TIE, for example, and 'Thurles' is frequently pronounced 'TUR-les' or 'TURrrls'), so people who are pronouncing my name Cathy are not really mispronouncing it, and are unlikely to get trained out of it. I'm going to start calling myself Kit. *squinty face*

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...that is all.
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