February 5th, 2007


attention, doctor friends!

My friend agrimony is thinking about med school, and is doing some information gathering. I know I've got at least three full-fledged doctor friends on my flist, so if any of you happen to see this and want to share good advice, her post regarding the topic is here. Thank you!

I'm a bad person.

I think perhaps I'm not cut out for RP servers on CoH. Too many years of MUSHing, I suspect. I was just watching a character who'd come from a sheltered background drop pieces of information about her history and cryptic clues about what she was supposed to do to find herself, and she said she shouldn't pursue them right then, because she felt very lost and alone.

All I could think to say was, "Vulnerable, perhaps? Would you like to have sex?"

I didn't. I'm a better person than *that*. But I'm not good enough to not relate the conversation here. :)

two things that are not exactly related

My husband is illegally wonderful in so many states I had to take him out of the union.

In response to Michael Pollen's article about Eat food, not too much, mostly plants (link courtesy rob_donoghue), not to mention Vegetarian is the New Prius (courtesy socapic, my sister who never updates her blog), and also trying to get back on the weight loss wagon (she said, valiently ignoring the twelve thousand cookies she ate today), I put in a request to the Ted for more vegetable-based meals.

Tonight he made grilled mushrooms and aubergine with rice and broccoli. It was *insanely* good. Tomorrow he's planning on making red beans and rice. *swoons* I have the very best Ted!

And, not exactly related, but not entirely not, at least if you think like I do, there's a fair trade shop in Cork that's looking for volunteers. I thought maybe I'd go in and talk to them and see if they wanted somebody who could come in maybe one or two afternoons a week. It'd get me out of the house and I'd meet people, and it's a sort of morally superior kind of way to spend time. I've got a job, so the paycheck part isn't important, and, well, heck. I think I'll go see, anyway.

And now to bed, because I have to go be interviewed in the morning.

miles to Dunharrow: 101