February 3rd, 2007


so late it's early

Staying up all night to watch over the dog, who's still sicking up. Possibly she's sicking up now because she's a bit dried out and apparently when dogs get dried out they'll vomit if they drink too much. Like, you're supposed to reintroduce water 2 teaspoons at a time for a dog Chantico's size. That's not very much water! Poor puppy is *all* tired out. I expect I'd be tired, too, if all I'd been doing since Wednesday morning sometime was throwing up or sleeping. o.O

...y'know, I've got nothing to say. I heard a teacher on the train the other day saying he'd taught for twenty years and never met a genius, which led me to wonder what constituted actual genius. I know lots and lots of very very smart people, many, perhaps most, of whom have technical genius IQ, but I don't think it's just the IQ that makes a genius. And so I've been meaning to blog about that and see what people thought, and, um, I guess that's what I'm doing now. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 92



probably kidney failure, maybe a blockage the vet couldn't find. she died about two o'clock this afternoon. she was a very, very good puppy and we're pretty much shattered.

i've turned comments off because i just can't handle them right now.

my day otherwise

Ironically enough, my day was otherwise extremely good. -sigh-

Last week, or possibly the week before, the gentleman running PCon this year emailed me to see if I'd be interested in doing an interview with a student who was looking to do an interview with a comic artist for a film class. I wrote back and said I'd love to, but I was only a lowly writer. Turned out a lowly writer would do, so I went in to meet the guy today to talk about the interview and stuff.

There were two of them, actually, Tom whose project it is and Trace who'll be doing the interviewing while Tom does the filming stuff. Trace knows nothing about comics, so there were a couple times when Tom and I veered off into a completely foreign language and he looked blankly at us. Then again, Trace is from Canada, so there were a couple moments where he and I veered off into North American Talk and left Tom looking blank, so it all worked out.

Tom was a bit concerned that he only had three questions so far, and fifteen minutes to fill, but I assured him I could talk for fifteen minutes with very little prompting. One of them asked me one of the questions and, y'know, I talked for fifteen minutes, and they both looked admiring and said, "If you could just repeat that on Tuesday..." (Which basically I could, since it's all pretty standard Catie The Writer stuff. Except here they say Cat-ee, not Cate-ee, for the most part.)

Anyway, it went well. I'm going to bring in a printout of the comic for them to take a couple images of, and copies of my books (Tom went out and bought CARDINAL RULE! And was enjoying it! And I brought him a copy of URBAN SHAMAN.), and cover flats and stuff to have lying around. Promo opportunity! He also said he'd get me a copy of the interview (probably an unedited one) so maybe I'll be able to put that up on cemurphy.net at some point.

I locked the other entry against comments. Please don't post whatever you might've said there, here. Thank you.

miles to Dunharrow: 96