January 31st, 2007


poor puppy :(

Poor Chantico is sick. I got up this morning to find spots of vomit and poop all over the house, which we diligently cleaned up, and we've just gone back for round two. Chanti puked twice, Ted almost puked once. Poor everyone. This is not especially making me want to write...

250 photos

Today's is the 250th* photo published on kitsnaps.com (kitsnaps). The site launched on February 3, 2006, so I'm not quite at a photo a day, but not doing too badly.

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Chanti isn't feeling better. :( I'm thinking of sleeping downstairs on the couch so if she gets sick somebody'll wake up to put her outside. Poor puppy. :( If she's not feeling better tomorrow we're going to find a vet, I think. I don't know how we'll *get* her to one, though. :( *worry*

I did not write at all today. :P And I've got to be in town at 2pm tomorrow (unless we're finding a way to bring Chanti to the vet), so I'm a bit dubious about writing tomorrow. *sigh* Maybe I'll catch up on Saturday and Sunday and take Monday/Tuesday off and have a short work week next week...

*This is somewhat misleading, because there were a few test photos that got deleted, but I keep trying to remember to post landmark photos and forgetting, and I've remembered tonight, and dammit, it *is* the 250th photo published, if not exactly the 250th available, and it's my site anyway so I can count how I want to. *sullen look*