January 25th, 2007


missy whiny butt

Couple days ago shadowhwk was writing huge copious amounts (7300 word days, stuff like that) and said god how she wished she knew she could turn that on, since there were a hell of a lot of days where a thousand words was like pulling teeth. And right now I'm sitting here at Nook listening to Bon Jovi and not starting words on HoCH, which is the project du jour. I literally stopped mid-sentence yesterday. I have a pretty good idea of how the sentence ends. But I've been dicking around for just about 45 minutes now, because I don't want to get started.

Butt In Chair is the hard part of writing, much like getting to the gym is the hard part of exercising. I've gotten pretty good at getting the ol' butt in the chair. God knows why I've put up a block against actually starting the damned words, but I have. I suppose it's because it's committment. If I just keep dicking around, maybe I don't *have* to do 5000 words today. Maybe a meteor will strike me or maybe I'll win the lottery or maybe, hell, I don't know what I expect, since I know that in the end I'm going to have to write the words anyway.

Friend of ours, a potter, tricks herself into working by saying, "Well, okay, all you have to do today is go out and put the handles on those coffee cups," and so she'll go do that, and while she's there, well, might as well do those plates...

I do something similar a lot of the time, but it doesn't work when I'm doing something like this 20 page challenge. The challenge means I can't say, "Well, just a hundred words and you don't have to do anymore if you don't feel like it," 'cause that's about 4900 words short of the stated goal. But I'll do this kind of crap even when I'm not doing a big challenge, which is why I put myself up to it in the first place.

(Part of my problem this morning may be that it actually came home to me that 20 pages a day for 10 days is FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS. I mean, I knew that on some vague intellectual level, but for some reason it actually *struck* me this morning, and damn, that sounded like a lot. No wonder kirbyk said this would otherwise be known as the "Nanowrimo Is For Wimps!" challenge. I hadn't quite wrapped my brain around what that meant...O.O)

The especially annoying thing is that most (not all, but most) of the time, once I actually get started, it's really not so bad. I don't struggle especially badly to get the words down, and if I don't know what scene comes next I can get up and walk around a little while I think about it, and then I go back and make myself sit down again whether I've got it figured out or not, and usually something comes to me. It takes five or six hours to get 5K (I've been working, more or less, from 10 to 4 or maybe 5, with time taken out to eat and walk the dog and dick around online a little), which really isn't that bad.

And now it's an hour since I first sat down to write, and I've listened to most of Have A Nice Day, and seen Ted off to take his driver's license test, and it's time to stop fucking around and go to work.

that's it, charlie.

1100 words. Screw it; I'm going for a nice long walk. It's a beautiful day and I'm not spending any more of it at the keyboard. The exercise will almost certainly do me good, anyway, and might help to focus my little tiny mind a bit more.

ytd wordcount: 20,000


Fuh. Ree. Zing. Five mile walk did me much good, but my hands apparently got colder than I realized and still hain't warmed up. Still, it was really gorgeous out and I'm very glad I went for a walk. I feel better. I've got to just do that in the morning, I think. Blood stirring and all that. Stir stir stir. I keep waking up at 6:30 anyway. Perhaps I should just convince myself to get out of bed then. I don't know how to *do* that, mind you, short of applying a sharp electric shock or something...

I'm nearly at 100 pages on the manuscript, though. That's something. :)

I started looking at little MP3 players yesterday, 'cause commenters are correct in that it'd be more handy than a CD player. There are some nifty lil' tiny ones that are flash drives, which, given my amazing ability to lose connecty cords, seems like the right way to go about it. I may order one in the next day or two here. I might try looking in Cork first, but I'm kinda guessing ordering one will be the way to go.

Anyway, having mentioned yesterday that I was looking at MP3 players, rob_donoghue wanted to know what music library I used. After he explained to me what that meant (iTunes, Rhapsody, some others, I guess), I said I didn't use any of them (and I honestly still don't *understand* why they're helpful or something you'd bother with, aside from having the vague impression they might help you find new music you'd like). He thought that was very strange, but there's a terrible truth about me: I'm really not much of a computer or gadget geek. (rfrancis, who is waiting for me to set up my new microphone headset, can attest to this.) I'm even less of a music geek (as drivingblind is aggravatingly aware. To wit: everybody else in the world apparently said, "Oh look, Roger Daltry is playing a character on the Highlander tv show." I, however, said, "Hey, did you know the guy who plays Fitz is the lead singer of the Who?!" when I first saw them performing on TV, some three years after he played the Highlander part.), so I really can't fathom what I'd be doing with these mystical music library things.

I think I had some kind of point when I started typing that paragraph, but I've since forgotten what it was. So I'll move on to the next part of our exciting installment, which is to say that having walked five miles or so today, I'm actually going to go into town and try to find some shoes on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Oh, and Ted passed his test that allows him to apply for a driver's license. The Irish do things very oddly, so they do. :)

ytd wordcount: 20,700
miles to Dunharrow: 72

culture thingy

I have a Superman t-shirt with the big S on the front. I've also got a Batman t-shirt. I feel...somewhat self-conscious wearing these shirts in this country (particularly the Superman one, because it is So! Blue! and So! Red! and So! Yellow!), because people (especially women) don't seem to wear these sorts of things here.


Last time I wore the Batman t-shirt, as we were getting off the train, a two year old boy in front of us looked back at me from his father's arms and started bouncing up and down and saying, "Batman! Batman, Dada, Batman!" and pointing excitedly at me. And this afternoon on my walk I came upon a three year old girl and her mother and as I approached the little girl said, "Superman! Superman! That lady's a Superman!"

It's possible these things make it rather worth being a weird American female who wears American Icon t-shirts in a furrin country. :)

(Also, I wore the Batman shirt to the Bon Jovi concert, and as we were walking by the thousands toward the stadium, the college boys who lived along the street who were standing out front watching the procession and drinking beer and heckling people, began to sing the old Batman tv show theme song, which I thought was just fantastic. :))