January 19th, 2007



I fall down stairs. :(

Did a bang-up job, too. Managed to smack every single limb, bruising my right elbow and left forearm and not, I think, managing to bruise my shins. I have no idea how I managed to hit every limb, but ow. My camera, which I was carrying, is okay, which is good, because insomuch as I had any thought process during the tumble, it was, "Fuck! The camera!"

Ted bought me a Cadbury creme egg 'cause I falled down the stairs. Oh, God, these things are so disgusting, and I like them so much. And it's *awful*, because they're only available for about six weeks in the States, so I only let myself have one around Easter and it's a Treat, but they have them from like December 28th to mid-July here. It's AWFUL. The TEMPTATION, it TEMPTS me. *flails*