January 17th, 2007


shoes. *sigh*

I did not understand the whole bit in the Hitchhiker books about the planet whose entire economy was based around shoe stores (at which you could not find shoes that fit) until I visited Wales.

I did not understand the touted female obsession with buying shoes until I moved to Ireland. There are shoe shops all over the place. And I'm not even all that interested in shoes. It's just the massive numbers of shops. It creates an obsession where there was none previously.

And like in the stores in the Hitchhiker books, none of them fit me. Collapse )

So the shorter version of this is, does anybody have any shoe store recommendations? I'm beginning to not care how much I pay for the #$*& things as long as they *fit*.

ETA: this is aimed mostly at Ireland readers, as shipping things from the States commercially makes you liable for about 50% over cost in taxes. -smiles with gritted teeth- However, if anybody has a really good source for shoes (especially fashionable ones), I will go to the bother of having them shipped somewhere in the States and sent to me non-commercially. PITA, but...