January 16th, 2007


challenge update

Ok, looks like several people are interested in doing my lil writing challenge thing. I propose using the toonowrimo community to keep track of what we're doing/milestones we've reached in a group environment, since it's already set up and I'm the moderator there anyway.

Official start date will be 22 January, official end date 2 February, since I'm doing this by a standard work-week and only planning to do 10 days, not 2 solid weeks.

The rules, such as they are, are to set yourself a goal, be it daily or weekly or page count or however you want to do it, to achieve over this two week period of time. People have set 2500 word goals, 5 page goals, 20 page a week goals: it's all good. The idea is to have an environment that encourages you and provides a little competition for a couple of weeks.

My initial thought was to do 20 pages a day, but I think I'm going to modify that a bit: my goal will be one chapter a day (more like 15 pages than 20) and if I push on through to 20 a day I'll do the dance of triumph every evening.

I suspect, if this goes at all well, that I'll probably run these two-week bursts once a month. A bunch of people've said, "Gosh, at any other time I'd love to participate," so with any luck I'll be running challenges in time frames that people will be able to work into their schedules. I expect I'll be running them around what works for *me* (ie, around cons and edits and rewrites and etc), so they're unlikely to all work for everybody, but hopefully each one will work for at least a few people. :)

Looking forward to this! :)


'round about the beginning of the month, I joined day_on_earth, which is an *incredibly* nifty photography community. The idea is to share photos from around the world for each 24 hour period, so the moderator posts at international date line midnight and you have a day to take a picture and add it to the comments on the photo. Then one picture's selected for the top level posting, letting you scroll through the main page and see a photo a day from around the world, or you can go through comments to see everybody's photos from all over.

Ted and I went to Fota on Sunday and I got an awesome picture of a peacock, and it got chosen as the Sunday photo! I'm *ridiculously* pleased about this! *beam*

(Now is a good time to remind people about kitsnaps, right? And about its lj feed at kitsnaps. :))

totally tired

I am totally tired and totally without brain. It was lovely out this morning, so I took myself on a walk down into Cobh town and took some pictures, then trundled back home, where I proceeded to do none of the things I'd meant to today. Well, no, that's not true, I did finally make marshmallow creme so I can make fudge for a couple people. And then I cleaned the kitchen and made cornbread to go with the (insanely good) chili Ted made for dinner. And we watched PiratesII, which was actually more fun to watch the second time because I knew in advance there were two or three interminably long scenes, so I could get up and get water or whatnot without fearing I'd miss something. :)

That's the exciting life of a writer. :) Actually, it was a really nice day and I'm feeling all sleepy and mellow, which is good.

Oh! My one big excitement for the day was that I got my membership card to Fota Wildlife Park, which surprised me greatly, 'cause they said 7-10 days, so I figured, you know, like, March. :) It turns out it's good for not only the wildlife park but also the Dublin Zoo! And I can take 3 adults and 2 children in on the card, so Ted and I'll have to go up to Dublin and get Deirdre and her family and all go to the zoo. I think that'd be fun. :) So I'm all happy about that, and will make regular use of the membership. I think Fota is Way Cool. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 58