January 9th, 2007


holy cow

I don't typically read reviews. They make me nervous, even if they're good, and then I get paranoid and worried and, you know, act like a writer, so yeah, basically, I don't read them.

Once in a while, though, somebody emails me to let me know about a review. Like Charles de Lint reviewing THUNDERBIRD FALLS in February's issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It helps, mind you, if words like 'rave review' are included in this email, but it's possible that the words 'Charles de Lint' 'reviews' and 'my book' might have done me in anyway.

Walker's first-person voice is charming, with just the right touch of self-deprecating humor, and immediately draws the reader in. The magical elements are personal and a nice blend of pragmatic and spiritual. And Murphy keeps us on track (and on the edge of our seat) throughout, no matter how convoluted the plot eventually gets.

As I said about Urban Shaman, this isn't a Big Think book, but it's thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, and in a time when too many books have a tired, same-old, same-old feel to them, that's reason enough to pick up one of Murphy's books and give her a try.

The rest of the review is here (along with an equally wonderful review of fellow Luna author Jeri Smith-Ready's EYES OF CROW).

And I'm sitting here going O.O This is as much becauses Charles de Lint *read* my book as *liked* my book.

*stupid, stupid grin*

best bubbles evar

Best Tiny Bubbles Ever: Jim Butcher is in Toronto filming a scene as an extra in the upcoming tv show THE DRESDEN FILES, based on Jim's own books. *beams like an idiot*! To quote Jim, "So I'm standing there, with Butters and Murphy and Harry, only EVERYBODY ELSE CAN SEE THEM TOO."

AHAHAHA *beam*

Lots of bubbles today:

Fuel-cell hydrogen-powered motorcycle. Top MPH of 50, which they're complaining about as being snail-like, but I think it sounds awesome. I want one. More here.

I swear I'll lose thirty pounds so I'll look That Hot if someone will just buy me this military jacket. It's even a tax writeoff! (And, ok, it's a Bon Jovi thing. I'm a fangirl, what can I say?) (Jesus, they only come in XSmall, Small, and medium. I'd probably fit in a medium, but jeez.)

Wood computer & stereo cases. V. sexy.

The new Apple iPhone is, to quote rob_donoghue, basically made entirely out of sex.

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