January 5th, 2007



Damn. That would appear to be the end of the Japanese bobtail coffee cup genitiggie gave me some years ago. It's the second time the handle's broken, and this time little shards went everywhere, suggesting that re-gluing it would only prolong the inevitable for not very long at all. Sniffle. I was very fond of that cup.

I decided I needed to start exercising first thing when I got up in the morning, or I wouldn't do it at all, so I got up today and took the dog on a 3+ mile walk. Poor Chanti is exhausted. :)

Writing goal today is to write the TRUTHSEEKER synopsis. I've gotten a chunk of it done and am now somewhat stymied by not knowing what happens next. I paused to clean the kitchen and make lunch, which gave me time to think up one conflict/problem, but I haven't figured out how to deal with 1. the consequences of that, nor 2. the, er, plot that has to go along with those consequences. That sounds like they're the same thing, but they're not. :)

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miles to Dunharrow: 36