January 4th, 2007


more on writing

Pulled from comments below, logrusboy says the following:

I had been thinking that if I wanted to write a story, I'd like to do one of those interwoven story arc thingies. Given how well all my other ideas have been working, I assumed it was a bad idea. I am now reevaluating and need to choose from:

1) If I have the same idea as you, that means I'm smart too.
2) If I have the same idea as you, that means something's seriously wrong with you.
3) It's a good idea, but only for people who know what they're doing (which you obviously know more of now than you did then).
4) I'll never actually do it until I finish driving Mary Sue (or whatever you writery folks call her...) out of my head. She doesn't share the stage well, which is bad for an ensemble piece.

Ok, it probably wasn't necessary to actually quote all of that, but I thought it was very funny. :) To respond:

1. Yes, yes you are (no, I'm not being snide).
2. Very probably. :)
3. Collapse )
4. That's those million bad words, man. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 33

tiny bubbles

From shadowhwk, a video (wmv) of a thousand hand guanyin performance which is *incredible*. It'd be incredible without any additional information, but apparently the performers are all deaf-mute, which makes it just slightly more mind-blowing. Boggle.

Amazon.com founder takes his first step toward space tourism, apparently. Is *that* what he's doing with all that money?

A guy feeds himself on a dollar a day for a month. More interesting for the idea than the implementation, which, IMHO, was poor. Kinda makes me want to try it, though. We eat out very rarely anymore, and we spend far more than €30 a month (or even €60), but it'd be interesting to try.

On how to write a novel. :)