December 22nd, 2006


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Japanese researchers, having spent three years trying to catch a giant squid on video, apparently succeeded (that's not the story I watched; the one I watched is a vid feed and I can't figure out the link to it), but having succeeded, the "specimen unfortunately did not survive the experiment." Real well done, guys. :P


Ted and I finally put up the Christmas tree tonight. It's much more like Christmas around here now, and we're both pleased with that. The tree's totally loaded with ornaments, to the point where we were starting to laugh and have to search for places to put the last dozen or so. That was fun, and even struggling to get the 300 lights on (the weird, weird, WEIRD Irish Christmas lights we bought come in a loop instead of a string, which made putting them on a proper adventure) was kinda fun, and now it's all sparkly and pretty. :)

Although I don't *especially* want to wrap presents to put under the tree, presumably the piles of phat l00t will make it that much more Christmasy. Now if I could only find some decent Christmas music to play.

Shopping today wasn't too awful, somewhat to my surprise. I don't necessarily feel like we got a great deal done, but it was probably enough, and tomorrow/Sunday we have to do food shopping and wrap presents and clean the house, for we will be Descended Upon by fambily. I think that'll be fun. We'll be exhausted by the end of it, I'm sure, but it'll be fun. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 19