December 21st, 2006


blast from the past :)

One of my high school friends got back in touch with me about a month ago after a decade-long absence (I swear, I don't know how people lose me: if you type "catie murphy" into Google, you get me). A few days ago she emailed me a photo of us from eaaarllly in college, probably 1990 or maybe 1991 (I don't think my hair's long enough for it to be 91, really), so I went and got my buttons of that photo, plus the other one I had, and scanned 'em in for her.

I'd been thinking they had to be both taken in the 90s, but Jos says the first one's from high school, and upon hearing that, she's got to be right; I can't make the hair fit any other times. So Catie & Jos, circa 1988 & 1990:

Blast from the past.

My hair in the second two pictures makes me shriek with horror. :) I love the cut in the first, though. :)

Given our respective sorts of ... not so much personalities, as Jos is actually quite cheerful, but perhaps more the way we come across, we both thought it was *really* funny that in *both* photos,*I* was the one in black and *she* was the one in white. That was not on purpose either time, but we really got a kick out of it. :)

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