December 15th, 2006


walking to Rivendell

Thus far in my walk to Rivendell, I've walked with Frodo and Sam from Hobbiton to Mount Doom (1779 miles), and then have backtracked to Rauros to start different parts of the journey with other characters. I've just completed Merry and Pippin's leg from Rauros Falls to Isengard (355 miles), for a grand whacking total of 2134 miles in the last three and a half (or slightly more) years.

My next options are pretty much either follow Merry and the Rohirrim to Minas Tirith (578 miles) or Pippin and Gandalf to Minas Tirith (517 miles). At the rate I've been going, it's going to take me most of the next year to do *either* leg of that journey. I may go with Merry, just so the next leg to look forward to is (a little tiny bit) shorter. It'll be, like, 2009 before I get to walking Aragorn's travels. Oi. :) And I think I shall break these longer legs up into shorter chunks, because nearly 600 miles is too much to contemplate right now. :)

So it's to Dunharrow, 198 miles from Isengard, and then 380 miles on to Minas Tirith. That works for me. Cool. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 3

In the meantime, I got a marriage proposal in my email this morning. It was that, or a copy of the fudge recipe, mylescorcoran said. Ted looked a bit miffed, so I gave him the fudge recipe. :)


Ok, I've had enough fun photoshopping photographs, so I've posted about half the London pictures here. I'll do more tomorrow, or something. And now I should do laundry, because I have no clean socks...


On the twelfth day of Christmas, mizkit sent to me...
Twelve quotes walking
Eleven superheroes writing
Ten cats a-cycling
Nine anti-heroes baking
Eight wings a-publishing
Seven books a-swimming
Six movies a-gaming
Five co-o-o-omic books
Four warren ellis
Three graphic novels
Two miss manners
...and a kenai in an archaeology.
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